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Seventies Strides

In the 1970s, Day-Date made significant technical advances. The Calibre 1556 of the Day-Date was equipped in 1972 with a hacking function that caused the seconds hand to stop when the crown is removed. Around this time, the watch was fitted with a sapphire glass. In 1977, the Day-Date was upgraded to a Calibre 3055, and reference numbers were increased by an additional digit.

The Calibre 3055's main advantages were its 4 Hz vibratory speed, which provides better protection against micro-shocks. It also has a quickset date function that is crucial. Previously,Rolex Replica Watches the only way to change the date or the days of the week was by rotating the central hour- and minute-hands through the calendar cycle.

Rolex launched its own jewelled and decorated quartz Day Date Calibre 5055 in 1977. This was used for the Oysterquartz collection. The watches were produced until 2001. As the proud owner of an example in yellow gold with a burl wood dial I can say that it's a special timepiece because of the unique case and bracelet design, and the exceptional movement.

Rolex introduced the Calibre 3155 Day-Date in 1988. It was a revolutionary model, as it featured a double quickset for the first ever time. The crown could be used to quickly set the date and the day of the week, regardless of the minute and hour hands. The reference numbers of the model were 182xx or 183xx, depending on whether it had diamond-set case.

In 2000, the reference numbers were again changed to include six digits - 118xxx. The majority of improvements were made to the clasps and bracelet. The Rolex Replica Watches 36mm remains one of the most beautiful watches in modern horology.Bell & Ross Replica Watches I love the watches with dials that are particularly striking: a yellow gold model with green dial; a yellow gold model with cognac dial; a white gold model with cherry dial. And a chocolate dialed Everose model (Rolex’s rose-gold proprietary material, which doesn't fade with time).

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