Brazing Alloys: Industries

Industry: Aerospace


As specialist supplier of precious metal brazing alloys we hold Rolls-Royce approval and ISO 9001:2008

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Industry: HVACR


Our globally recognisable brands of brazing filler metals for HVACR applications provide reliable and repeatable quality.

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Industry: Distributors and Resellers

Distributors and Resellers

Selling a well-known and trusted brand of brazing products in convenient packaging helps our distributors to be successful.

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Industry: Electronic, Scientific, Medical

Electronic, Scientific, Medical

Understanding customer applications, the environments joints have to operate in and the need for quality is part of our commitment.

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Industry: Electrical Applications

Electrical Applications

Totally reliable customer service has enabled us to support customers in this sector for decades, from one contract to the next.

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Industry: Transport


Find out how novel products for the automation of mass production brazing are beginning to deliver cost benefits.

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Industry: Power Generation

Power Generation

Equipment for the transmission and distribution of electrical power requires brazed joints of the highest integrity.

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Industry: Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies

We are frequently consulted for technical advice by companies working on emerging and sustainable technologies.

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