Emerging Technologies

Industries: Emerging Technologies

We are closely linked to a number of the fundamental drivers behind the development of sustainable and emerging technologies today.

Examples of innovation where we are involved include:

  • Developing improved energy efficiency and new energy sources
  • Reducing emissions
  • Enabling higher power and temperature operation of components
  • Increasing complexity in exploration and production for fuel
  • Delivering products to provide medical innovations
  • Poviding more efficient and reliable transportation.

Joining is a key process for many of these developments. Please contact us if you have a need for a brazing solution in an emerging technology area.

battery technologies


Product Literature


We are currently working on an academic based research based programme as well as numerous customer specific development projects.

Johnson Matthey & Brandenberger AG - Tel.-Nr. +41 44 307 1930 - Email: gerneral_request@jmmetaljoining.com
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