Auxiliary Brazing Products

Stop-flo™ No.1 and Stop-flo™ No.2 are two stop-off or ‘parting’ compounds formulated to prevent the flow and wetting of molten brazing filler metal across the surface of a component during the brazing process. They can be applied to components to ensure that filler metal does not flow into holes, grooves or into threaded areas for example. Both products are made from finely ground chemically inert and thermally stable compounds.

Stop-flo™ No.1 is the general purpose product designed for use on most common engineering materials.

Stop-flo™ No.2 is a more specialised product that contains an yttrium compound. It is designed for use on parent materials made from or containing titanium.

Both products are suitable for vacuum furnace, controlled atmosphere or air brazing processes.

Residues of Stop-flo™ No.1 or No.2 before and after brazing are best removed using a water wash

Stop-flo™ No.1

Stop-flo™ No.2

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